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Hong Kong Greater China SME Enterprises Alliance Association


We, Hong Kong Greater China SME Enterprises Alliance Association always aim to strive to advance the practice of future economic development for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Hong Kong. Our association protects the SME business environment, liaises with other local Business Associations in Mainland China and Overseas and exchanges knowledge of various technologies from each other. Our goal is also to widen our perspectives, build collaborative relationship, create mutually supportive business opportunities for the SME’s development and bring prosperity to Greater China area.


mutual care and support
teamwork spirit
sacrificial dedication
overcoming challenges
equality regardless of status
innovative excellence
mutual respect
achieve win win situation
same vision and mission
a surge of new level of achievement

1.  團結中小企業,保障營商環境。
2.  聯繫各地商界,共同積極參與香港經濟發展。
3.  提供資訊互動平台,透過不同渠道加強各地合作。
4.  透過互相交流學習,以創新思維,增強企業競爭力。
5.  促進香港中小企業國內外交流及拓展大中華地區發展。
6.  提升業界管治經營的能力
7.  代表中小企業界向各地政府爭取支援。
8.  促進企業可持續發展,鼓勵傳承新一代,發揮營商優勢。

Our Objectives:
1. Unify Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), protect business environment.

2. Connect business entities all over the world, participate in business development in Hong Kong together vigorously.

3. Provide informational and interactive platform, enhance collaboration with other business entities through different channels.   

4. Through learning and exchanging experience from each other, with new creative ideas to strengthen SME’s competitiveness.

5. Move forward to exchange business ideas amongst corporations in Mainland China and overseas, extend business development in Greater China area.

6. Promote business management and operation ability.

7. Strive and seek out assistance from local governments on behalf of SME sector.

8. Move forward of further development of business entities, encourage succession planning for next generation, optimise our business advantages.

1. 每月舉辦專題講座及晚宴,邀請工商界專才、學者、官員,分析探討香港經濟,工商各業營運情況。

2. 每月舉辦週末午間茶聚,讓各會員交流營商心得,發表對社會經濟問題觀點、意見,暢所欲言,彼此認識。

3. 每隔2個月探訪企業,觀摩其管理、生產、營運的方式,交流經驗。

4. 舉辦各地考察團,促進大中華區中小企業的經貿發展。

5. 舉辦硏討會,邀請學者、專家,探討政府所制定的政策,對本港中小企業的影響及發展。

6. 通過舉辦有關活動及交流,協助各會員發展業務。

Services and Activities:

1. Organise seminar and dinner monthly, invite industrial and commercial business experts, teachers, government officials to come, share and discuss Hong Kong’s economy, industrial and commercial business operation matters.

2. Organise weekend afternoon tea meeting monthly, members are welcome to exchange business operation ideas and experience, freely express views of economic matters in the society, and make friends with each other.

3. Organise business visit every two months, observe individual management, production and operational style, watch and learn from each other.

4. Organise delegation to cities, increase economic development of SME profile in Greater China area.

5. Organise seminars, invite teachers and experts, together to share and study policies of Government, and comment on how these policies would affect SME in Hong Kong.

6. Through organising the above-mentioned activities to help members develop their business.


1. 凡年滿21歲,不分性別,國籍、宗教,在大中華區營商、工作,均可申請加入本會。

2. 申請入會,需經1名或以上會員推薦,並由執行委員會通過接納,方為正式成為會員,並享有會員的權利和承擔義務。

3. 必須認同本會宗旨,遵守會規。

4. 繳交會費。


Membership Requirements:

1. 21 or above age, men and women of different nationalities and religions, running business or work in Greater China area.

2. Official membership requires 1 or more members' recommendations with approval of Board of Directors. Members are entitled to members’ benefits, at the same time, members are required to fulfill obligations of the Association.

3. Members must agree with our Objectives, comply with our rules and regulations.

4. Pay membership fee.

Welcome you to join our Association, let us work hand in hand, exploiting our expertise and strategies, building our strength together for a prosperous and better economy of Hong Kong in the near future.